My New Owners Manual

For a while now I have been trying to find a way to tie my faith into my health and fitness world. I have always felt that we need to respect the body that God has given us and do everything in our power to keep this gift runnings at its best.  I knew that such a relationship existed […]

My Weekend Fast

Over the weekend I performed at 24 hour fast. I decided to do it after listening to an audio book called The Great Physician Rx. The book lists many benefits of fasting including but not limited to: Increased energy Weight loss The resting of vital organs Reduced cravings for sugar Strong connection to God I started […]

Live Your Life

On my way to work this morning, I heard the best saying. It was “Don’t live your life as a <blank> that also happens to be a Christian, live your life as a Christian that also happens to be a <blank>”. To use me as an example, I shouldn’t live my life as a system […]