SketchUp Addiction

A friend recently introduced me to SketchUp and I cannot stop using it!. What an amazing (and free for personal use) tool for the DIYer. One of my biggest hurdles when coming up with a new project is how to best design it so that I know what its going to look like ahead of time as well as the ability to show my wife my ideas. I know that I am not very good at explaining ideas and I am even worse at drawing but with SketchUp all of my problems are solved!

Below are a few things that I kicked out in about 10 minutes each. As I continue to practice, I am finding that I can create these quick and cleaner. They aren’t to scale but I really don’t care. Its more for the visual anyway.

The first one is a coat wall that Ashley and I have talked about for awhile and the second one is an idea I had to update the look of a few archways that we have on the main floor.

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