Distressed Letter Project

Finally a new post to put up!  Ashley and I have been busy the last few months with the latest edition to our family. But things are starting to fall into routine a bit more and that has allowed us some time to get back to the projects we so love to do. First up on our list was to paint and distress some letters for our new nursery.

Ashley purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby and they came in stock pine. The process started out with a rough sanding as the letters came pretty smooth. After sanding, we proceeded to give them a coat of primer using Zinsser.

We followed that up with a coat of black and then the same orange we used on the Airplane shelf project. Between each coat, we sanded with 120grip sandpaper.

The final two coasts of paint were the same color as used on the Distressed Dresser

Then came the fun part. We put the letters on the ground and proceeded to drop many heavy tools on them (hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc). After a good beating, we ran some course sandpaper around the edges and the flat surfaces. Nothing like a good scuffing! After the beating of a lifetime, we spread on a thin layer of glaze and then wiped it off. The combination of the tools and sandpaper allowed the glaze to sit in a few strategic places and really added to the effect of the distressing.

We had originally planned on putting decoupage some chevron paper over the front but Ashley liked how these turned out so much that she thought we should just leave it as is.

Project Done!

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