Cozy Couple Makeover

I told Ashley a few months back that if she ever came across a Cozy Couple at a garage sale, that she needed to buy it. After seeing all of the Cozy Couple makeovers on Pinterest, I knew that I wanted to do the same thing for our kids. Imagine my excitement when she calls me at work one day and says she found one!

Now that I had the Cozy Coupe, I needed a theme. I have seen Batman, lowrider, and custom colored Coupe’s but I wanted something different. Something original. Right now our little man is into Superman so I figured that would be a safe bet.

So “B” and I started the unassembly process.

We first took pictures of everything to make sure we knew how to put it back together when finished. I have found out with past projects, this is very important. In the day of digital cameras and cell phone cameras, this is very easy to do and well worth the extra time.
After disassembly, I began the painting process.  I used Krylon’s “Fusion for Plastic”.

This paint is specifically designed for painting plastic but I was not impressed. Even after waiting the “7-day” chip proof duration, my paint immediately began to flake off in spots. It says no sanding or priming required. I am not sure if it would have helped though.

Before I painted, I pulled off all of the stickers except for the dashboard. The headlights and taillights were going to be custom but the dashboard I wanted to keep original. So I did my best to cover it with painters tape and then prayed that when I was done and pulling the tape off, the sticker wouldnt come too.

The new headlights are made from reflective tape and the tail lights are from reflector signs. The taillights didnt fit the “opening” that the previous stickers occupied so I covered them with painters tape and used a hole saw to carefully reduce them in size.

After the 7 day “waiting” period, I put everything back together. “B” came down the next morning and was blow away. I know this because he rounded the corner in the living room and said “WHOA!” He spent the rest of the morning sitting in it, eating, watching TV, and driving around the house. Success!

Before and After

Finished product

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