Outdoor Projects Completed

We just got done with a pretty busy weekend and were finally able to cross a few things off of the old list. What a great feeling that is! Here is what we got done:

  • built a water barrel stand
  • put together the kids trampoline
  • built a cover for the concrete waste water culvert
  • built a raised garden
  • broke the guard off of the circular saw
  • mowed the lawn
  • weed and feed
  • cleaned out new nursery

OK, so not all of those things were good. I really miss having the safety guard on my saw for one. But one small mishap still doesn’t darken the projects we were able to accomplish. I don’t have a lot of ‘in progress” pics mostly because I was too busy trying to get everything done, but the end result pictures give a pretty good idea of what we did.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a comment below and we can answer them the best we can. Thanks!

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