Valentine Boxes for 2013

This weekend I helped “Craft Girl” and “Chicken Nugget Girl” with their Valentine boxes. It took us awhile to come up with good ideas. Originally “CNG” wanted to do another oven box like she did last year. She figured since she was at a new school, it would be ok since no one saw the box we made last year. After I nixed that idea, she moved onto other kitchen appliances and decided on a dishwasher. A dishwasher? Really?  I, once again, had to say no to that. I am such a mean Dad I know!

So to the internet we went in search of a good idea. CNG had the idea of doing an elephant so we Googled Elephant Valentine box for ideas. Low and behold, the 5th image in was of a man wearing elephant boxer shorts. Use your imagination to determine what the trunk was. Needless to say, I closed that browser window pretty fast.  Next up was Pinterest and to an idea Ashley and I had seen earlier. We really liked this Minion made by and after not much convincing, got CNG on board with it as well.

Overall, it was a pretty simple build but still managed to take CNG and I about 4 hours to complete. I feel the best feature is the ping pong eyeball glued into a glass jar that we used for the Minion’s one eye. CNG also really wanted to have a helmet instead of hair so that feature was added as well. 🙂

Minion Valentine Box

With “CG’s” box, we had a bit tougher of a time. Originally we were going to do a paper meche Narwhal but CG decided she wanted to have a sleepover instead. Because of drying time, we had to shelve the idea of the paper meche Narwhal. Instead, CG found a left-over box from a gift and using her artistic eye, was able to envision a Narwhal from it.  We attached a paper roll for the horn and then used a large amount of gray duct tape to turn it into the beautiful sea creature below.  The eyes were made from a ping pong ball cut in half and super glued onto the box.

Narwhal Valentine Box

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