Kitchen Cabinet to Bathroom Cabinet Conversion

It seems that once again Ashley and I have several projects going on but none that are quite finished. We also have quite a few projects that are finished but we just don’t have pictures taken yet.

Here is what we have completed and I hope to post on soon.

  • Chicken Nugget’s room remodel
  • Craft Girl’s room remodel
  • Little Dude’s room remodel
  • Kitchen Island makeover (I have promised this one before)
  • New kitchen island chandelier
  • Basement Bar
  • Basement Chair Rail

and here is what we are currently working on

  • Painting the kitchen cabinets
  • Craft Room remodel
  • Garage cleanup and organization

With all of that said, here is a project that I did when we moved in. I took some more of the cabinets that I purchased from a seller on, painted them black, and then hung them above the toilet in the master bathroom.

It was a simple project but yielded good results

  1. Performed a light sanding.
  2. Primed with Kilz
  3. Three coats of black satin paint.

We hope to eventually replace/paint the hardware but are waiting to see what we decide to do with the rest of the cabinets in the bathroom first.

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