Spray Painted Toy Chests

I am getting really behind on putting new posts out here and for that I apologize. Yesterday I noticed that my traffic is beginning to spike from Pinterest repins so I figured I better start adding more content when I can!

I could have sworn that I had already posted my toy chest makeover but I could not find it so apparently I am losing my mind!

This weeks project is a simple spray paint makeover of some garage furniture. Total project time was a few hours and 2 cans of spray paint.

Our project starts with Ashley and her Mom finding this Fisher Price chest of drawers at a garage sale and bringing it home.

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for our garage and our wide assortment of kids toys. However, the color wasn’t my favorite but I knew it could easily be changed.

Overall it was a very simple project. I started  by taking out the drawers and removing the few screws holding them together.  I spread the parts across the backyard and then proceeded to use my favorite brand of spray paint… Rust-Oleum! A few coats of paint and a few hours drying time and I was ready to put them back together.

I was in too much of a hurry to get progress pictures so here it is finished in all its glory

Overall it has held up really well. There are a few spots were the paint has come off from the drawers rubbing against the sides but I have come to expect that when painting plastic. In addition, while I was doing this project, I also painted an old toy trunk that we had. Of course no before picture of that either. I think it had a blue lid and cream colored body.

Now we have a matching set!

Painted Nursery Rocking Chair

I have had this rocking chair in my possession for years now and it’s been in my family for at least a hundred years.  I can still remember my Grandma rocking in it when I would come to visit. She used to tell me that it was her Mother’s before her. I honestly do not know how far it goes back.

But it has seen better days. Too many years in storage had taken its toll. With the new nursery nearing completion and the birth of our son right around the corner, we knew we wanted another rocker in his room. But lack of space was an issue.

I brought the rocker up to the room and we found that it would fit perfect. But it needed a good finishing before it would work. It was obviously worn and many of the parts were loose.

Rocking Chair Before

Since this was an upholstered rocking chair, I knew there were going to be a lot of staples holding the fabric in (like 200+). This left a lot of holes around the seat of the chair making a sand and stain option unavailable to us. So we decided to spray paint it.

After all of the staples were pulled (which took about 2 weeks) and drops of Gorilla glue were applied for strength, I sprayed the entire chair with a primer.

Rocking Chair Primed

After the primer dried, I took some wood putty and filled in all of the little staple holes that surrounded the entire chair.

Staple Holes

Once the wood putty was dry and sanded, I sprayed the chair with a gloss black Rustoleum enamel. The dry time of this paint is about 2 hours but if you are looking for a highly durable spray paint with a great clean finish, high highly recommend using it.

Rustoleum Enamel

Two coats of black paint and a lawn chair cushion and our rocking chair is new again!

Rocking Chair After
Before and After

Painted Candle Holders

When Ashley and I first moved into our new home there were these candle holders located above the fireplace mantel that we just didn’t care for very much.

At first glance, one would have thought they were hard-wired into the wall but upon closer inspection we noticed that they were only attached to the wall via a small screw. We proceeded to take them down, throw them into a box and toss them into the garage. After all, the bright copper look of them was not quite our style.

After moving the containing box several times while out in the garage, I decided I needed to do something with these things. I hated the current look but couldn’t bring myself to throw them away or even to donate them (I am on a huge upcycling kick right now).  We have been having really good luck with the Rustoeluem spray paint on some other projects, so I decided to give painting these a shot. Ashley happened to have some left over paint from another project  so I figured it wouldn’t cost me anything to experiment.

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Before I even started painting, I knew these would look really nice on the support posts leading into the gazebo.  After they were painted and attached, I proved myself right.

 Before and After