Board and Batten Coat Wall Tutorial

It’s been awhile since I promised the tutorial on how I did my board and batten coat wall so here it is…finally. Things have been pretty hectic in our household.  I am still working on the kitchen island project and getting more and more done everyday. 

I am also wrapping up Ashley’s “new” makeup vanity, working on a countertop for the kitchen, and putting together a art room table for my sister in law.

To add to this list, we are also putting together some ideas for our toy room and a loft bed for one of our daughters. Live is good but life is busy!

If you remember back, this is how our entry looked originally and except for a new coat of paint on the walls, pretty much how we bought the house.

The original “dated” look

I used SketchUp to get a general idea of how I wanted it to look. I find its also easier for me to show Ashley my ideas this way rather than trying to explain it with simple drawings. This tool is awesome and free!

Sketchup Drawing
It’s always a good idea to have a helper on a big project like this. Luckily I have one that is always willing to lend a hand. 
Our first step was to replace the trim around the door. This part was actually highlighted in this post and was the crucial first step before I could go on with the coat wall. 
Next up was a trip to the home improvement store to get an idea of what we wanted and to price out the material.  Using precut mdf would have been easier but also a lot more expensive. 
So instead I bought a few pieces of 2’x4′ mdf sheets and decided to cut them manually. 
My cutting technique was far from perfect and it took far too long. I used as straight of a board as I could and then proceeded to measure and clamp it for every cut I needed. 

I used my new Black & Decker Matrix for this job. The small circular saw went through this wood like a hot knife through butter. 
The wood has been cut and is ready for finishing. 
To help the edges from getting that rough feel, I proceeded to use spackling paste along each edge. It was a long and tedious process but the end result was great. 
First up was to remove the old chair rail and bottom molding pieces. Then the cross pieces went up. I used liquid nails and my trusty air compressor and nailer.  

After the cross pieces were in place, I proceeded to nail up the vertical pieces and then the top shelf and moldings. I got lucky and most of the vertical pieces landed on a stud but one I ended up having to use liquid nails and tape.

A coat of oil based primer and then some paint and this project was complete. 

And The Winner Is….

After much debate, we decided to paint the black portion of the wall to match the rest of the wall. It took a few days for me to get used to it but it has grown on me. I am still not 100% crazy about the overall color of the walls but I do like the fact that it all matches.

I have since moved on to painting the hallway trim as well as the half bath and laundry room door trim. Its amazing to me how much a little color over wood really transforms the look of a house. I feel like our home is gaining back 20 years with just some paint. Love it!

Time Off

Ashley and I are getting ready to welcome the newest member into our family so my time posting will slow down for a bit. Don’t worry though, I still have plenty of DIY projects and posts in the works, it might just take a bit longer to get them up. I am thinking the first one back will be our new nursery which is amazing!

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of my garage wall. Yes, I am painting my garage walls. Basically I had 8 gallons of paint that I needed to get rid of so I combined them all into a very large bucket and am using that to paint my garage.

I am also working on a total revamp to my workspace and when finished should allow me to work on projects easier without impacting my families ability to use the garage.

See you in a bit!

New Life for a Little Tikes House

The other day I was coming back home from a run when I came across a Little Tikes house thrown out by the curb. It had definitely seen better days and was even missing the roof but I was still interested in its potential. Even though our daughters are a little big for a playhouse of that size, our son would definitely be interested in it. The problem was, it was pink and white.

I got home and proceeded to tell my Mother-in-Law what I found and she suggested I go back and get it. One problem, I dont dumpster dive. I have seen many great things sitting on the side of the road but I have always felt bad about grabbing them, even though I know they are destined for the dump anyway. Well my Mother-in-Law had no problems with going up to the front door and asking them if we could have it, and she did. 🙂

Here is how it looked when we first got it.

House Before

After we figured out how it all needed to be assembled, we proceeded to tear it all down and give it a really good scrubbing. This thing was dirty!

After it was all clean, Ashley and I went onto Pinterest to try and find some color inspiration. We finally decided on a Nutmeg for the walls, a Colonial Red for the door, chairs, and outside flower pots, and Flat Black for the sink and table. All colors were RustOleum Ultra Cover 2X.  A note of caution, if you get this stuff at Wal-Mart, it does not have the Primer + Paint option and it also doesnt not specifically say it will work on plastic. The first cans I got at Wal-Mart. The second coat, I got the paint at Home Depot and right on the can it said will work with Plastic and had the Primer already added. The stuff from Home Depot covered much, much better.

I ended up using 5 cans of the Nutmeg and 1 can each of the Red and Black. I think had I gotten the Home Depot paint the first round, I could have covered the walls with 3 cans and been done.

The final product turned out great. Even though it doesnt have a roof, you cannot beat getting the house for free and only spending $40 bucks on paint!

Baby on Board!

Ashley and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting a new DIY’er to be added to our family this summer!  We are super excited about the 6th member of our family and cannot wait to share all new memories with everyone.  Of course, with a new baby and a new house, that can only mean more projects! Yep, we will soon be starting on a new nursery in what is currently our storage room. It’s really not a storage room but a cute girls room that we have just put everything into since we moved in. So in the mean time, we are going through box after box and donating what we know we cannot use again.

The new room is going to be pretty nice and I am excited to start on it. It will be the first room to have the wood trim painted white. If all goes well and I dont lose too much hair in in the process, I will start painting the rest of the house trim white as well.  We are still finalizing further details in regards to color and trim features so be sure to check back on what we decide. 🙂

Here is how the room looked when we toured before we purchased. Can’t wait to try and cover those stripes!

Old Kitchen Island Made New

One of the kitchen projects that I am most proud of is our island. What’s funny about this thing is that we almost didn’t have it. The story goes like this….I purchased an entire kitchen’s worth of cabinets from a husband and wife off of Craigslist. They were doing an entire house remodel and the kitchen cabinets had to go. I originally wanted the cabinets for our basement bar but I knew there were other pieces that I could find a home for. When I got there to tear out the cabinets, the husband told me that the island wasn’t part of the deal (even though it was in the pictures online) and he was going to use it as a workbench in his garage. Long story short, I told him that I either I get the island too or I walk. As you can see, I got the island 🙂

The island started off with 4 doors along with two functional and two dummy drawers on each side.

Original Island Left Side

Original Island Right Side

Our intent is to slap a new countertop on this when we do the rest of the kitchen countertops and we know that we want to extend the countertop out to three feet in order to make it more of an eat at island vs a work island. With that said, I knew the doors and the drawers on the side with the eventual overhang would need to be removed. I moved the two drawers to the other side and made four functional drawers. The doors I removed all together and they currently sit in my garage waiting for another project and life.

Drawer Modification

I then proceeded to screw in some 2×4’s where the toekick currently was. I did this because I eventually wrapped three of the sides with bead board panels and baseboard trim in order to make this look like a piece of furniture rather than an awkward island. Plus I really liked the look of it this way

Next up was the wood trim. I purchased some simple 1/4″ x 4″ trim from my big box home improvement store. I glued and nailed this trim to the edges of my bead board and filled in all holes and gaps with putty. The idea was to make it look like it was framed out.

The entire island got a coat of oil based primer and 2 coats of Rust-oleum Quilters White paint to match the rest of the kitchen. Ashley glazed the crevices in the bead board along with the edges and I sealed the entire thing with the sealant that comes with the Rust-oleum kit.

Up next? Just wrapping up the painting of the kitchen cabinets. Cannot wait to show that project off!

Kitchen Cabinet to Bathroom Cabinet Conversion

It seems that once again Ashley and I have several projects going on but none that are quite finished. We also have quite a few projects that are finished but we just don’t have pictures taken yet.

Here is what we have completed and I hope to post on soon.

  • Chicken Nugget’s room remodel
  • Craft Girl’s room remodel
  • Little Dude’s room remodel
  • Kitchen Island makeover (I have promised this one before)
  • New kitchen island chandelier
  • Basement Bar
  • Basement Chair Rail

and here is what we are currently working on

  • Painting the kitchen cabinets
  • Craft Room remodel
  • Garage cleanup and organization

With all of that said, here is a project that I did when we moved in. I took some more of the cabinets that I purchased from a seller on, painted them black, and then hung them above the toilet in the master bathroom.

It was a simple project but yielded good results

  1. Performed a light sanding.
  2. Primed with Kilz
  3. Three coats of black satin paint.

We hope to eventually replace/paint the hardware but are waiting to see what we decide to do with the rest of the cabinets in the bathroom first.

New Patio Chairs

Ashley and I really wanted to get patio chairs so we could enjoy our backyard and deck. Problem was, a set of chairs can be very expensive and we had enough expenses right now with the new house. Then one weekend Ashley went out garage sale shopping and ran across a set of 6 of these chairs.


She ended up talking the guy down to $5.00 a chair! A little Rustoleum spray paint (same paint as here) and some cushions and we have almost brand new looking chairs for a fraction of what they would have cost us brand new.