Taking a Much Needed Break

I just noticed that I have not put anything up on this blog for almost a month now. Truth is, I haven’t really been doing much around the house in the last 30 days. The last project I completed was the deck and it, combined with the heat, took a lot out of me and left a sour taste in my mouth for home improvement projects. I haven’t had much desire to do anything since.

Now the weather is starting to cool down and I am getting the itch once again to crack open the toolbox and get back to work.

First project back: our kitchen island.

Inspiration: This island here. Minus the newel posts and granite countertop.

I am really getting excited to start this project and even more excited to show it off in its completed state when its all done.

Some other projects I have lined up for this fall include:

  • Media credenza
  • Media cabinet
  • Chair Rail completion
  • Garage organization
  • Landscaping
  • Craft room completion

That should keep me busy for awhile.

Dresser to Desk Project

A few weeks ago my wife showed me a project on Pinterest where someone took an old table, cut a few feet off the top and mounted it on the wall to make it into a desk.  We were in the planning stages of a room remodel for our daughters and thought something like this would really add to both the functionality and the visual appearance of their room.  So we headed out to our local Goodwill store in search of our own table to

We didn’t find any good tables but we did end up finding something even better!  My wife showed me the 3 drawer dresser below and although I wasnt fully convinced at first, I quickly warmed up to the idea of the challenge.

So we purchased the dresser and headed home. The first thing I did was to measure out how much of the dresser I wanted to keep. I knew that I was going to need to put a 1/2″ piece of MDF under the desk in order for the rail balusters to connect to so I measured a 1/2″ inch more than the trim piece below the top drawer.  I then put some paint tape over my lines to prevent chips when I cut it with my circular saw.

Here you can see the two pieces after I made the cut. I might end up using the bottom part for another project. Maybe a nightstand?

After the dresser was cut and the two pieces separated, I set out to paint.  I used a latex high gloss black paint that I applied using a foam roller. It took 3 coats before I finally achieved the look and cover I was going for.   The molding on the front of the drawer was plastic attached with screws so I quickly removed it and along with the rail balusters sprayed them both with a high gloss black spray paint.

Here is a picture of the 1/2″ MDF being painted to go below the desk. I drilled two 3/4″ holes in each corner to support the rail balusters. This board will be screwed into the bottom of the desk to help hide the drawer and to add some stability.

I attached the desk to the wall using 2.5″ screws making sure to drive them into the wall studs.  The rail balusters were cut to length to match the desk height and attached to the black MDF using the pre-drilled holes and then inserting the balusters into them and securing them with Gorilla glue and a wood screw.

Here are a few pictures of the finished product. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and the girls absolutely love it.

Linen Closet Addition

It’s no secret that our townhouse is busting at the seams with the 2 adults and 3 kids that live there. In the past, we have gotten very creative in making due and finding ways to store things. We have also done a great job and just chucking stuff (aka donating).

One place that I have always wanted to do something was at the end of our hallway. There is a little space there beyond the girl’s room that I always thought would make a great linen closet; something that this place doesn’t have.

Finally one weekend I set out to create one. Overall it was a pretty easy and straight forward build. The toughest part of the whole thing was trying to get the texture to match up.  I attempted to duplicate it using the spray can product from Lowes. It worked good but only after 3 cans. For that amount ($60) I could have purchased a hopper and sprayed it with my compressor. Oh well. Live and learn!

Air Grille Replacement Project

The previous air filter location in our furnace room was a joke. It was located behind the service door to the furnace and right below the blower.  Every time the blower would kick on, the filter would get sucked up into it leaving huge gaps for unfiltered air to pass through.  Upon the recommendation of a plumber/HVAC tech we had out to the house, we decided to replace the air grille that feeds into the furnace with an alternate type that has an air filter attached to it.

Finding an air grille that would fit our existing hole proved to be a challenge and I ended up ordering one online and had it shipped in. The first grille that arrived was damaged in transport. Lucky for me, the company in which I purchased the grille sent me a replacement free of charge. A few days later and I had my new grille.

Overall the project took about an hour to complete. I had to take off the old grille and then notch out the 2×4’s located behind it to accommodate the depth of the new grille.  Then it was just a matter of cleaning out the junk the builders left in the air box and wiping down the entire box with cleaner.  Not a bad project but not sure if it’s one I would want to tackle again.

Junk left by builders

Another view of junk

Grill added

Completed project

Custom Truck Lamp

Ashley and purchased a metal truck from Hobby Lobby a few weeks back to use as a decoration for our soon to be son’s nursery. One night I was looking at the thing and thought how great it would look as a lamp. So I set forth on a quest to find one of those “make your own lamp” kits from my local hardware store. Not finding what I wanted, I searched the internet, again with no luck. Then I thought why couldn’t I take an existing lamp, take it apart, and uses the pieces for my lamp? And that is what I did.

Below are the pictures of the final project.  I don’t think it could have turned out any better. I am very proud of my lamp truck!