New Projects

I have been busy working on a few new projects even though I have yet to completely finish the old ones. Been feeling a bit under the weather this week as well so that has put a damper on the ambitions.

Last week Ashley came home with this old desk that she picked up from one of her Facebook Mom’s sites. She got it for $5!  The intent is to put this in our bedroom for her to use as a hair and makeup vanity.  It does need some work though. The veneer is peeling off of the top and sides and the middle drawer is pretty much busted.  The remaining drawers will all fall out if pulled too far.

But I love a challenge and I have already started to rebuild it. I am going to put a new plywood top on with edging around the sides of it. It will be stained a nice dark color.  The rest of the desk will be painted and antiqued in a white finish with fresh new hardware.

Another project I have started is a art room table for my sister-in-law. Its going to be one of those fancy ones using a 6-cube shelf from Home Depot topped off with an old door from the Habitat Restore.  So far I have picked up the doors, assembled the shelf, and cut some peg board for the back of it. I am hoping this weekend will allow some more time to get the door cut to size and some trim wrapped around it and the shelf.

The last thing I have going on is an update to the new swing set. It was always our intent to put a sandbox underneath it but before doing that, I wanted to raise the sides up a bit, fashion a cover to keep animals out, and put a chalkboard under there. I have the new boards for the sides cut and ready to go and I found an old piece of plywood to use for the chalkboard. I even have some old trim that I am going to use to frame it out.

The last thing it needs is a cover that can be easily removed. I do have the wood from the old sandbox box that was built and never used but its a bit heavy. A reinforced plywood top would really be better for this. I will have to see what I have around the shop. 🙂

Ladder Shelf

Ashley has this old ladder that once belonged to her Grandmother. For awhile it sat in the corner of our room upright holding our stereo, books, and other decorations. When we moved into our new home, Ashley decided she wanted to hang it on the wall and use it as a book shelf.

A quick trip to Home Depot for some “L” brackets and a little bit of time finding some studs to screw into and we have a new book shelf!  I think it turned out great and Ashley loves it too!

Book Shelf Modification

There was a bookshelf that my wife found online that she really liked for the girls room. After careful consideration we decided not to buy it.  We figured it would be too small for our needs. The feature she liked the best was that it had a bin at the bottom of it that would prevent toys or books from falling out. Here is the motivation for the project we were about to tackle.

It was made pretty easy with some pre-primed MDF that I got from Home Depot. Ashley made it pretty with letters that spelled out the girl’s name (not shown). In the end, I liked it much more than the one we saw online and the kids seem to really like it too.