Kitchen Cabinet to Bathroom Cabinet Conversion

It seems that once again Ashley and I have several projects going on but none that are quite finished. We also have quite a few projects that are finished but we just don’t have pictures taken yet.

Here is what we have completed and I hope to post on soon.

  • Chicken Nugget’s room remodel
  • Craft Girl’s room remodel
  • Little Dude’s room remodel
  • Kitchen Island makeover (I have promised this one before)
  • New kitchen island chandelier
  • Basement Bar
  • Basement Chair Rail

and here is what we are currently working on

  • Painting the kitchen cabinets
  • Craft Room remodel
  • Garage cleanup and organization

With all of that said, here is a project that I did when we moved in. I took some more of the cabinets that I purchased from a seller on, painted them black, and then hung them above the toilet in the master bathroom.

It was a simple project but yielded good results

  1. Performed a light sanding.
  2. Primed with Kilz
  3. Three coats of black satin paint.

We hope to eventually replace/paint the hardware but are waiting to see what we decide to do with the rest of the cabinets in the bathroom first.

Spray Painting Brass

Our house has a lot of brass. Brass doorknobs  mirrors, light fixtures, and switch plates. Oh yeah, we also hate brass. Hate it.

So we did what any homeowner would do in our situation. We spray painted! We started out with a plan to do the door knobs and it quickly escalated into the bathroom mirror and light fixture. I was then walking down the hallway and noticed our brass light cover and that got added to the party as well.

We chose to use Rust-oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint for this project. It’s a 2-in-1 primer/paint and it is an amazing product to work with. It coats well, doesn’t run, and dries to the touch in 30 minutes.  It also allows a second coat in 1 hour. It’s a little in the pricey side at almost $8 dollars a can but it sure beats having to purchase all new knobs!

Mirror and Light Completed
Door Knobs completed

I think the biggest transformation came with the light fixture. Not only did we get rid of the hideous brass color but we also replaced the the flowered shades and installed some brighter bulbs. Huge difference!

Light Fixture Completed

A quick peak at our local big box hardware store and we found that new door knobs would have cost us about $20 apiece x 4. A new light cover would have been $10. New mirror would have set up back about $50 and a new light sconce would have been $50+.  We would have spent about $200 plus on this project if we were to replace everything. We did it for $8. Not too bad. 🙂