Hollow Door Headboard

I just finished a headboard made from two hollow doors. Probably one of the funnest projects I have done in a while.

4 thoughts on “Hollow Door Headboard

  1. I used 1×4" for the grid pattern and then a 1×10" for the very top board. I did not create any instructions because I didnt think anyone would copy it. Happy to answer any questions you might have though.

    1. I love this design and would like to make one. I have a few old doors that I have replaced with new ones and thought I would do this. They seem pretty long for a queen size headboard – so I was wondering if you made yours a QS or KS and if you cut the doors down at all? Thanks for replying

    2. I did not cut the doors down and as such they do stick out a little bit on both sides of the bed which is a queen size.

      I suppose you could cut the doors down so they had a tighter fit with the bed but at the end of each door is a solid piece of wood that I nailed the end boards into. If you were to trim the door down, you would have to find something to fill that gap so you could nail into it.

      I also connected the doors to each other using Gorilla Glue and my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig and 2" wood screws

      The doors I used were also not the same width. I purchased them from a Habitat Restore and I went with a larger width on the top door to allow more room for the trim pieces while still maintaining the same size squares on the top and bottom rows.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

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