Double Stroller Fire Truck for Halloween

It took me 2 weeks of getting up at 5:30 am but I finally finished the double stroller firetruck with 1.5 hours to spare before our Church’s Trunk or Treat party. 🙂 Since time was of the essence on this project, I didn’t stop to take any pictures but below is a list of materials I used to make this a reality.

BTW – this was a huge hit not only for my Son who watched the progress unfold but I also received numerous compliments at Church. 🙂

  • The shell consisted of two cardboard boxes that I picked up at Home Depot. The body was their “large” box and the cab was their “medium” box.
  • The various cutouts were from said cardboard box extra pieces.
  • The boxes were hot glued together after my 1st attempt with duct tape failed. The cold of the garage caused the tape to detach from the cardboard. Hot glue worked the best.
  • The paint was left over spray paint from other projects.
  • I covered the seems using reflective tape found in the paint section at Home Depot. The striped tape was in the letter section
  • The ladder is left over pvc pipe from last years halloween costume and from the rain sprinkler I made during the summer.
  • The hose was from our garden.
  • The lights I purchased from US Toys for $2.99 each
  • The decals were clipart I found on the internet and then printed off on plain yellow construction  paper. I attached them to the truck using a glue stick.
  • The fire truck itself is attached to the double stroller using velcro straps.
  • In total, I spent about $10 on this.

Spray Painted Toy Chests

I am getting really behind on putting new posts out here and for that I apologize. Yesterday I noticed that my traffic is beginning to spike from Pinterest repins so I figured I better start adding more content when I can!

I could have sworn that I had already posted my toy chest makeover but I could not find it so apparently I am losing my mind!

This weeks project is a simple spray paint makeover of some garage furniture. Total project time was a few hours and 2 cans of spray paint.

Our project starts with Ashley and her Mom finding this Fisher Price chest of drawers at a garage sale and bringing it home.

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for our garage and our wide assortment of kids toys. However, the color wasn’t my favorite but I knew it could easily be changed.

Overall it was a very simple project. I started  by taking out the drawers and removing the few screws holding them together.  I spread the parts across the backyard and then proceeded to use my favorite brand of spray paint… Rust-Oleum! A few coats of paint and a few hours drying time and I was ready to put them back together.

I was in too much of a hurry to get progress pictures so here it is finished in all its glory

Overall it has held up really well. There are a few spots were the paint has come off from the drawers rubbing against the sides but I have come to expect that when painting plastic. In addition, while I was doing this project, I also painted an old toy trunk that we had. Of course no before picture of that either. I think it had a blue lid and cream colored body.

Now we have a matching set!

Distressed Letter Project

Finally a new post to put up!  Ashley and I have been busy the last few months with the latest edition to our family. But things are starting to fall into routine a bit more and that has allowed us some time to get back to the projects we so love to do. First up on our list was to paint and distress some letters for our new nursery.

Ashley purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby and they came in stock pine. The process started out with a rough sanding as the letters came pretty smooth. After sanding, we proceeded to give them a coat of primer using Zinsser.

We followed that up with a coat of black and then the same orange we used on the Airplane shelf project. Between each coat, we sanded with 120grip sandpaper.

The final two coasts of paint were the same color as used on the Distressed Dresser

Then came the fun part. We put the letters on the ground and proceeded to drop many heavy tools on them (hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc). After a good beating, we ran some course sandpaper around the edges and the flat surfaces. Nothing like a good scuffing! After the beating of a lifetime, we spread on a thin layer of glaze and then wiped it off. The combination of the tools and sandpaper allowed the glaze to sit in a few strategic places and really added to the effect of the distressing.

We had originally planned on putting decoupage some chevron paper over the front but Ashley liked how these turned out so much that she thought we should just leave it as is.

Project Done!