Time Off

Ashley and I are getting ready to welcome the newest member into our family so my time posting will slow down for a bit. Don’t worry though, I still have plenty of DIY projects and posts in the works, it might just take a bit longer to get them up. I am thinking the first one back will be our new nursery which is amazing!

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of my garage wall. Yes, I am painting my garage walls. Basically I had 8 gallons of paint that I needed to get rid of so I combined them all into a very large bucket and am using that to paint my garage.

I am also working on a total revamp to my workspace and when finished should allow me to work on projects easier without impacting my families ability to use the garage.

See you in a bit!

Painted Nursery Rocking Chair

I have had this rocking chair in my possession for years now and it’s been in my family for at least a hundred years.  I can still remember my Grandma rocking in it when I would come to visit. She used to tell me that it was her Mother’s before her. I honestly do not know how far it goes back.

But it has seen better days. Too many years in storage had taken its toll. With the new nursery nearing completion and the birth of our son right around the corner, we knew we wanted another rocker in his room. But lack of space was an issue.

I brought the rocker up to the room and we found that it would fit perfect. But it needed a good finishing before it would work. It was obviously worn and many of the parts were loose.

Rocking Chair Before

Since this was an upholstered rocking chair, I knew there were going to be a lot of staples holding the fabric in (like 200+). This left a lot of holes around the seat of the chair making a sand and stain option unavailable to us. So we decided to spray paint it.

After all of the staples were pulled (which took about 2 weeks) and drops of Gorilla glue were applied for strength, I sprayed the entire chair with a primer.

Rocking Chair Primed

After the primer dried, I took some wood putty and filled in all of the little staple holes that surrounded the entire chair.

Staple Holes

Once the wood putty was dry and sanded, I sprayed the chair with a gloss black Rustoleum enamel. The dry time of this paint is about 2 hours but if you are looking for a highly durable spray paint with a great clean finish, high highly recommend using it.

Rustoleum Enamel

Two coats of black paint and a lawn chair cushion and our rocking chair is new again!

Rocking Chair After
Before and After

New Life for a Little Tikes House

The other day I was coming back home from a run when I came across a Little Tikes house thrown out by the curb. It had definitely seen better days and was even missing the roof but I was still interested in its potential. Even though our daughters are a little big for a playhouse of that size, our son would definitely be interested in it. The problem was, it was pink and white.

I got home and proceeded to tell my Mother-in-Law what I found and she suggested I go back and get it. One problem, I dont dumpster dive. I have seen many great things sitting on the side of the road but I have always felt bad about grabbing them, even though I know they are destined for the dump anyway. Well my Mother-in-Law had no problems with going up to the front door and asking them if we could have it, and she did. 🙂

Here is how it looked when we first got it.

House Before

After we figured out how it all needed to be assembled, we proceeded to tear it all down and give it a really good scrubbing. This thing was dirty!

After it was all clean, Ashley and I went onto Pinterest to try and find some color inspiration. We finally decided on a Nutmeg for the walls, a Colonial Red for the door, chairs, and outside flower pots, and Flat Black for the sink and table. All colors were RustOleum Ultra Cover 2X.  A note of caution, if you get this stuff at Wal-Mart, it does not have the Primer + Paint option and it also doesnt not specifically say it will work on plastic. The first cans I got at Wal-Mart. The second coat, I got the paint at Home Depot and right on the can it said will work with Plastic and had the Primer already added. The stuff from Home Depot covered much, much better.

I ended up using 5 cans of the Nutmeg and 1 can each of the Red and Black. I think had I gotten the Home Depot paint the first round, I could have covered the walls with 3 cans and been done.

The final product turned out great. Even though it doesnt have a roof, you cannot beat getting the house for free and only spending $40 bucks on paint!

Basement Entertainment Center

I had been holding off on this post for awhile because I felt the basement entertainment center wasn’t 100% done yet. But as I read other DIY blogs, I often see posts coming in mid-stream. If they can do it, why can’t I?

The basement center or “bar” was one of the first projects I started at this house. The cabinets I  purchased from a guy that I found on Craigslist and their acquisition has been quite the story to tell. Let’s just say it involves a remodeled home and an overly enthusiastic Russian couple with very little DIY experience.

After I got the cabinets home and unloaded, I set out to give them a good sanding. After all, they had many years of built up grease and dirt on them.

After a really really good sanding, I gave each cabinet a coat of primer and then black paint. I actually painted the entire cabinet inside and out. Looking back, I probably didn’t need to do quite an extensive job. Painting the inside of a cabinet that no one is ever going to see is a lot of unnecessary work.

Moving into a new home and having a limited budget, we decided to try and reuse the existing hardware as much as we could. The biggest issue with the hardware was that it was a worn brass. If you are an active reader of this blog, you will remember that we dont like brass! So off to the store we went in search of some paint to resolve this issue. We settled on Rust-oleum silver.

Once everything was dry, I brought it all down into the basement for assembly. Since this is a basement, I wanted to make sure the wood of the cabinets remained free from moisture so I spread out DRIcore subfloor panels beneath where the cabinets would touch the concrete. It did elevate the bar up about an inch but is not noticeable especially with the carpet coming right up to the cabinets.

I assembled the pieces, screwed them together and to the wall, then topped the entire thing off with a Formica countertop we purchased at Home Depot.

Some future plans for this space include putting an electrical outlet at bar height and another one directly behind the fridge space. Once that is done, we will put up a tile backsplash.

Teen Beauty Station

It seems like overnight our oldest daughter has gone from being unconcerned with her looks to spending all of her time going over hair tutorials and practicing new looks.  Her wish list now consists of curling irons, blow dryers, hair rollers, etc. I started to picture all of these items clogging the sink in her shared bathroom or scattered on the floor. I could imagine her sister banging on the door asking her to hurry up so she can use the bathroom. A solution needed to be found to prevent an internal war in our house! I then remembered back to my childhood when my sister would get ready in her room, a dresser full of the before mentioned items and I wondered if a similar solution could be found.

After a conversation with Ashley, it was agreed that Art Girl should have a space in her room to do her hair and to get ready for school. This of course got my creative juices flowing and I set out to design a “Beauty Station” for her.  Even better was the fact that I still had the bottom part of that old dresser that I used for the dresser to desk conversion a year or so back.

Below is the conceptual drawing and where this all started.

I started out by cutting off the top drawer of the two drawers that I had left. Some painters tape is key to making sure that you dont chip off any unnecessary wood when cutting.

I then topped it off with some 3/4″ mdf with a routed edge.

The back of the station is an old door that I picked up at second hand supply house for a few dollars. It got bolted to the dresser with 4 bolts and some Gorilla Glue.  At the very top of the door I put a shelf that I picked up at Goodwill and then topped it off with a scrap piece of wood. I felt like it gave it a very nice custom crown molding look.

The next step was to add a mirror to the door and put molding around it. The mirror I already had on hand and was one of the $10 dollars mirrors you can pickup at Wal-Mart. The trim I also had on hand. The sides pieces are chair rail from the kid’s rooms and the top and bottom pieces are window casings that I used on another project.

I wanted to add another small drawer to this piece to hold smaller items like bows, barrets, etc. Since I was trying to do this project for little or no money, I cut an old display case in half, built a box around it, threw on a knob and called it good. (you can see the smaller drawer in the finished pics below)

Now all the functional pieces were in place, the entire station just needed a few coats of paint. Luckily I had all of that on hand too. The pink for the molding is actually the same pink that is in the room for which this station will end up. I tried to antique it a bit using some glaze but it didn’t quite turn out like I wanted.

Here is the end result with paint.

So now that the station was complete, I still had the issue of no place to put hair dryers, curlers etc. That was the whole intent of this project in the first place. Many ideas had crossed my mind including PVC pipe (danger of melting), professions holders (too expensive) and silverware  holders (my choice). The silverware holders won and I managed to find some on the internet for only $2.00 apiece!

Now that I had the holders, I needed someplace to attach them. Lucky for me, I had an old wooden stool sitting around the shop that never really found a home.

I borrowed a hold saw from a friend and cut 4 holes into it.

In order to hide the silverware holders from view in the front of the stool, I cut an old drawer front to size and glued/nailed it into place.

Here is the finished holder with everything in place and glued down. I finished it off with a few coats of black enamel spray paint.

Now everything is done and ready to go into my daughter’s room for her styling enjoyment. 🙂