Airplane Shelf Redo

When my Mom asked us if we wanted the old airplane shelf my Dad made for me when I was a kid, I knew I did. I just didn’t know where I was going to put it. Then our nursery started to take shape and some of the elements in it included a slight airplane theme. Lightbulb!

During a quick trip home for my Dad’s graduation from college, My Mom dug the shelf out of storage and it made its way way back home with me.

It was dirty and stained a dark color so I knew if I was going to make this work in the new nursery, a change had to be made. Although it didnt have a very glossy finish to it, I started out with a good sanding.

I followed this up with the same process I used on the nursery dresser.

  1. Sanding (picture above)
  2. Coat of primer (picture below)
  3. Coat of black (no picture)
  4. Main color

For some reason I didn’t get a picture of the shelf with the coat of black paint on it. I must have been busy. 🙂

The main coat of paint was done in an orange and I started off using a sample of the Behr Premium Plus Ulta Paint + Primer.

I really hate this stuff. One would think that a paint + primer would cover in fewer coats but that is not the case. After 3 coats, I still was not happy with the coverage I was getting.  So I ran to Home Depot and purchased the sample size of Behr Premium Plus in Flat. This is the same kind of paint I used on the nursery dresser and it covered very well with 2 coats. It achieved the same desired result on the airplane shelf. Cheaper and better in my opinion. I won’t be buying anymore Paint + Primer products. I have never been happy with the result or the  price.

After two coats of the Behr Premium Plus I sanded the airplane down and distressed it. This is always the part that makes me nervous. Nothing like taking a “perfectly” painted piece of furniture that has received 7 coats of paint and making it appear worn out. If done incorrectly, I may have to repaint!

After the sanding was completed and I was happy with the amount of deterioration that I performed, I brushed on my Rust-Oleum glaze left over from my kitchen painting project and then proceeded to wipe it off with some cheese cloth.

Below is the end result of the redo. I love how it turned out and it looks great in the new nursery!

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