Pull Out Trashcan Update

It was no secret in our household that I was unhappy with the job I did on our slide out trashcan. It was a rushed job and I felt the craftsmanship showed it. But it worked…for the most part.

Since I made the original box with the incorrect dimensions, I had to mount the rails below it. This worked for a few months but overtime, the weight of the trash began to take its toll on the bearings. The slides now move in and out very roughly and needed to be replaced.

Rather than continue to replace slides every few months, I decided to take the entire thing apart and redo it as it was originally intended. So I purchased all new wood from Home Depot and set out to make the box at the proper dimensions. In addition to that, I am also raising the entire thing up so that the trash can will “sit” inside of the box rather than on top of it. I also added a small box at the rear for trash bags.

Tonight I added the first coat of paint. Nothing fancy, just the same color that I used for the rest of the kitchen.

I will post the completed project when finished which I am hoping will be this weekend. We are now going on about a month of just having the trashcan sitting inside the cabinet and I am more than just a little tired of that. 🙁

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