Another 5k in the Books

This last Saturday, I did something that I have not done in years: I ran a 5k. To add a twist to it, I did it pushing my 18 month old son! I did not have a huge desire to run but the proceeds of the race go towards a really good cause – The Kade Meyer Celebration Run . I also wanted to show my kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. My kids have never seen me run a race and knowing that my entire family would be waiting for me at the finish line cheering made me feel pretty good.

I woke up that morning suffering from some severe seasonal allergies. My legs and lower back hurt but I committed to run this thing no matter what and run it I did! I finished the entire race in 29:06 and that includes some walking time in the beginning while I shuffled for room to run! My wife and kids were so proud and my youngest son had a blast in the stroller! I can now see me doing another race and I cannot wait for the chance to bring my wife and daughters along for the run as well.

Ladder Shelf

Ashley has this old ladder that once belonged to her Grandmother. For awhile it sat in the corner of our room upright holding our stereo, books, and other decorations. When we moved into our new home, Ashley decided she wanted to hang it on the wall and use it as a book shelf.

A quick trip to Home Depot for some “L” brackets and a little bit of time finding some studs to screw into and we have a new book shelf!  I think it turned out great and Ashley loves it too!