Custom Truck Lamp

Ashley and purchased a metal truck from Hobby Lobby a few weeks back to use as a decoration for our soon to be son’s nursery. One night I was looking at the thing and thought how great it would look as a lamp. So I set forth on a quest to find one of those “make your own lamp” kits from my local hardware store. Not finding what I wanted, I searched the internet, again with no luck. Then I thought why couldn’t I take an existing lamp, take it apart, and uses the pieces for my lamp? And that is what I did.

Below are the pictures of the final project.  I don’t think it could have turned out any better. I am very proud of my lamp truck!

4 thoughts on “Custom Truck Lamp

  1. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately I am not selling these although I have thought about it. I actually had a long metal cutting drill bit that I used to make the hole. It wasnt long enough to go all the way through so I had to drill from the top and bottom separate and hope the holes lined up. It worked out pretty well. 🙂

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